A$ap Rocky – LONG.LIVE.A$AP (2013) (Album Completo)

ALBUM TRACKLIST 1.Long.Live.A$AP by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 2.Goldie by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 3.PMW (All I Really Need) by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 4.LVL by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 5.Hell by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 6.Pain by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 7.Fuckin’ Problems by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 8.Wild for the Night by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 9.1 Train by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 10.Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 11.Phoenix by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 12.Suddenly by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 13.Jodye by A$AP Rocky Lyrics 14.Ghetto Symphony by A$AP Rocky LyricsRead More

Desiigner – New English (2016) (Album Completo)

ALBUM TRACKLIST 1.Intro by Desiigner Lyrics 2.Caliber by Desiigner Lyrics 3.Make It Out by Desiigner Lyrics 4.Shooters by Desiigner Lyrics 5.Monstas & Villains by Desiigner Lyrics 6.Interlude 1 by Desiigner Lyrics 7.Talk Regardless by Desiigner Lyrics 8.Roll Wit Me by Desiigner Lyrics 9.Interlude 2 by Desiigner Lyrics 10.Da Day by Desiigner Lyrics 11.Jet by Desiigner Lyrics 12.Overnight by Desiigner Lyrics 13.Zombie Walk by Desiigner Lyrics 14.Panda by Desiigner LyricsRead More


ScHoolboy Q – Blank face (Album Completo) (2016)

ALBUM TRACKLIST 1.TorcH by ScHoolboy Q 2.Lord Have Mercy by ScHoolboy Q 3.THat Part by ScHoolboy Q 4.Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane by ScHoolboy Q 5.Kno Ya Wrong by ScHoolboy Q 6.Ride Out by ScHoolboy Q 7.WHateva U Want by ScHoolboy Q 8.By Any Means by ScHoolboy Q 9.Dope Dealer by ScHoolboy Q 10.JoHn Muir by ScHoolboy Q 11.Big Body by ScHoolboy Q 12.Neva CHange by ScHoolboy Q 13.Str8 Ballin by ScHoolboy Q 14.Black THougHts by ScHoolboy Q 15.Blank Face by ScHoolboy Q 16.Overtime by ScHoolboy QRead More


Wu-Tang Clan Killa Beez – The Sting (2002) (Album Completo)

ALBUM TRACKLIST 2.Killa Beez by U-God Lyrics 3.Out Think Me Now by Solomon Childs Lyrics 4.Bar Mitzvah by Black Knights Lyrics 5.Do Rae Wu by Ol’ Dirty Bastard Lyrics 6.Bluntz, Martinez, Girlz, & Gunz by Holocaust Lyrics 7.Dancing With Wolves by Killarmy Lyrics 8.Spend Money by Lord Superb Lyrics 9.Take Up Space by Lord Superb Lyrics 10.Rollin’ by Black Knights Lyrics 11.Get at Me by Black Knights Lyrics 12.Spit That G by CappadonnaRead More


Method Man – The Meth Lab (2015) (Album Completo)

ALBUM TRACKLIST 1.  Intro (The Meth Lab) 2.  The Meth Lab 3.  Straight Gutta 4.  Bang Zoom 5.  50 Shots 6.  The Pledge 7.  2 Minutes of Your Time 8.  Worldwide 9.  Soundcheck 10.  Water 11.  Lifestyles 12.  The Purple Tape 13.  Intelligent Meth 14.  Symphony 15.  What You Getting Into 16.  Another Winter 17.  Rain All Day 18.  So Staten 19.  Outro NOTA: si le das click a la canción te lleva directoRead More